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to the new Health Track Network Portal. The MFA Health Track program was a Vac 45 process verification platform that operated for 24 years in MFA Incorporated’s supply territory. What I learned enrolling nearly 900,000 head and collecting value and marketing data is the basis for this new venture. Health Track will now transition into the Health Track Network, a much more flexible platform without geographical borders, that will be part of a BlockChain capable of moving health, genetic, and performance data to every industry participant. In addition, it will enable producers of any size to benefit from making marketing data available to downstream industry entities.

I believe there are potential on-ramps to this network that add value through the purveyor’s ability to touch many cow/calf producers. Our ability to then move that data downstream adds value to both seller and buyer. To me the cow/calf sector has had a long run as price taker in an average based market. I believe it’s past time to use this new technology to promote genuine and science based attributes that add value to cattle being marketed. That’s what the Health Track Network can do!


Mike John

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Feeding Programs

Effective feeding programs are essential for cattle health and productivity, ensuring optimal growth, reproduction, and milk yield. They reduce disease risks and support sustainable agriculture, playing a key role in a stable food supply chain and overall agricultural success.

Health Programs

Health programs for cattle are vital for preventing diseases, enhancing welfare, and ensuring high productivity. These programs contribute to sustainable farming, better food quality, and economic stability in the agriculture sector, ultimately benefiting both animals and consumers.


Genetic programs for cattle play a crucial role in enhancing breed qualities, increasing disease resistance, and improving productivity. This leads to healthier herds, better meat and milk quality, and more sustainable farming practices, ultimately contributing to economic efficiency and meeting global food supply demands.


Marketing programs for cattle are essential for maximizing market reach and value, informing consumers, and driving demand. They enable producers to effectively showcase their products, leading to better pricing, increased profitability, and sustainable business growth, while also supporting the overall agricultural economy and food supply chain.

Frequently asked questions

A pre-conditioning program helps cattle producers by enhancing animal health and weight gain, reducing mortality and morbidity. This leads to higher market values, improved feed efficiency, and fewer veterinary interventions. Consequently, it increases profitability and reputation for quality livestock, making it a wise investment for sustainable cattle production.
You can participate in the program for an affordable per-head fee. You will probably receive a higher-value for your calves at sale time.
Please Contact Us. We will work with you and your veterinarian for health protocols and help you implement a nutrition plan, ensure vaccinations and deworming, and provide low-stress weaning. This foundation will promote better growth, health, and market readiness for your cattle.
Electronic ID tagging in cattle is crucial for efficient tracking and management. It enhances disease traceability, simplifies record-keeping, and streamlines data access for breeding, health, and production. This technology ensures better herd management, promotes animal welfare, and supports compliance with regulatory and market requirements, vital for modern cattle production.